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Brickles Pro 1.0.9
Mar 30, 2005 01:04PM
Contributed by:
Download: 500K Stuffit Archive

Brickles Pro is not a typical ball and paddle game. Brickles Pro features adjustable colors and patterns, adjustable ball and paddle sizes, stereo sounds, adjustable speed and window sizes, and more. Even the number of paddles in the game can be changed.

Brickles Pro is suitable for everyone from the very youngest children first learning to use a mouse, to fast-paced arcade fans, from grandparents to grandchildren. With the new experimental speed control, Brickles Pro can even be set to play at super-slow speeds, allowing its use by those just recovering from strokes. This same new experimental speed control also allows speed freaks to get every last ounce of power when used with the new, faster Macs.

Brickles Pro allows the user to chose from among various built-in Brickle array designs. Brickles Pro will then use the chosen design for every level of the game, if desired. A random mode may also be chosen to allow each level of the game to use a randomly selected Brickle design array. Brickles Pro thus includes many Brickles games in one.

Brickles Pro now supports the new Brickles Pro Online Hall of Fame web page. Every time you get a new high score, you can send that high score to the Online Brickles Pro Hall of Fame web page. Compare your score to the scores of your friends, schoolmates, family members, and others from around the world. Everyone is a winner. There are various Scoreboards associated with each of the many possible Brickles Pro configurations.

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Most Recent Post: 10/23 07:20PM

Ciphire Mail 0.11.29
Mar 30, 2005 08:10AM
Contributed by:
Download: 10MB Download Form

Protect your online identity and privacy with this email security tool.

Ciphire Mail is an email encryption tool. It works in conjunction with your existing email client. Ciphire Mail operates seamlessly in the background and does not interfere with normal emailing routines. It encrypts and decrypts email messages, and can digitally sign each message to provide authentication and guard against identity theft. Ciphire Mail is the first out-of-the box solution to match power with ease of use.

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Most Recent Post: 10/07 10:32AM

iCCD 1.0
Mar 29, 2005 04:31PM
Contributed by:
Download: 775KB .tgz Archive

This program allows for Astronomical image capture with Starlight Express Cameras and image processing of 16 bit greyscale images. Color images can be created from individual greyscale frames.

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Most Recent Post: 10/25 02:34AM

Stock Analysis and Selection Software - SASS 1.4.0
Mar 27, 2005 07:49PM
Contributed by:
Download: 1.9M Stuffit Archive

SASS performs a Fundamental Value Based Analysis of historical company financial data, displaying the information graphically for easy and intuitive interpretation. Open .ssg files from either the NAIC or the CSA, or quickly fill in financial info manually. Retrieve .ssg file data from the internet, free of charge, or download .ssg files from the NAIC's web site (fees apply). View graphs of a stock's Sales, EPS, Price and Return for up to the past 10 years, along with graphs of a company's ability to maintain growth including Retention Ratio, Return on Equity, Sustainable Growth, Equity, Asset and Revenue Efficiencies. Calculate the stock's Risk vs. Reward ratio. Check whether the current price is in the Buy, Maybe or Sell zones. SASS is a must for the individual investor or member of a stock investment club.

read more (116 words) 7 comments
Most Recent Post: 10/07 10:48AM

Renoise 1.5
Mar 26, 2005 01:31PM
Contributed by: lbsl
Download: 4.4MB .gz Archive

Music composing utility in tracker-style for OSX 10.3.
Supports sample-based instruments (WAV, AIFF, MP3, OGG), VST / VSTI / MIDI. 17 Native DSP effects, 3 metadevices, exports audio to disk, core audio support. Lots of additional effects and features.
Try the nearly unlimited demo (no time limit, just disk-export is not integrated in the demo and the demo works with reminder dialogs)

read more (1851 words) 6 comments
Most Recent Post: 12/01 09:29PM

XNJB 0.3
Mar 26, 2005 01:04PM
Contributed by: richardlow
Download: 968 KB Download Form

XNJB is an open source Cocoa graphical user interface for Mac OS X for the Creative Nomad range of portable MP3 players. It uses the excellent library libnjb for low-level jukebox communication.

read more (17 words) 10 comments
Most Recent Post: 11/30 10:17PM

Hog Bay Notebook 3.5
Mar 22, 2005 10:48AM
Contributed by:
Download: 2 MB Disk Image

Hog Bay Notebook combines the best aspects of notebook and outliner applications into a single application optimized to capture your next important idea. Unlike comparable applications that specialize in styled text and multimedia content, Hog Bay Notebook strives for a simple, lightweight interface that is optimized to record your thoughts without distracting from your daily work.

- Easy-to-use, clean, compact design
- Instant, incremental search results
- Fast and flexible outline view
- Quick-access history navigation
- Applescript Support

read more (28 words) 8 comments
Most Recent Post: 10/07 09:09AM

Schedule-It 1.0
Mar 19, 2005 04:03PM
Contributed by:
Download: 400KB Disk Image

Desktop automation software for Mac OS X.

Schedule-It is a small desktop application that automates the way you use your Mac. Automatically open documents, launch applications, play iTunes playlists and set alarms using an easy-to-set schedule.

read more (23 words) 9 comments
Most Recent Post: 10/25 09:54AM

XMenu 1.5
Mar 18, 2005 11:01AM
Contributed by:
Download: 126 KB .gz Archive

Flexible menu bar extension similar to the classic Apple Menu

read more (29 words) 9 comments
Most Recent Post: 10/07 10:48AM

ThumbsUp 4.1
Mar 18, 2005 11:00AM
Contributed by:
Download: 200 KB .gz Archive

Drag-n-drop utility to create thumbnails & icons or to convert images

read more (64 words) 9 comments
Most Recent Post: 10/24 04:37AM

PhotoStickies 5.4
Mar 18, 2005 11:00AM
Contributed by:
Download: 887 KB .gz Archive

Sticky-like image/webcam viewer, slideshows, wallpapers etc.

read more (142 words) 9 comments
Most Recent Post: 10/07 11:03AM

EasyFind 3.4
Mar 18, 2005 10:58AM
Contributed by:
Download: 278 KB .gz Archive

Finds files, folders and contents (without indexing) and provides services.

read more (66 words) 10 comments
Most Recent Post: 10/18 11:58PM

DEVONagent 1.6.1
Mar 18, 2005 10:57AM
Contributed by:
Download: 2.8 MB .gz Archive

Intelligent agent to find information on the Internet

read more (175 words) 10 comments
Most Recent Post: 12/01 08:14PM

myPhoto 1.5
Mar 17, 2005 02:29PM
Contributed by:
Download: 3.3 MB Stuffit Archive

myPhoto 1.5 is the easiest way to share you photos on a Mac--it automatically shares your digital photo albums stored in iPhoto on the Internet with no effort on your part. The web site myPhoto creates for you has all of the features you are accustomed to in iPhoto--captions, thumbnails, albums, a search engine, ratings, and much more.

This release is a major update, adding a substantially improved, fast caching system that builds your site before anybody looks at it. It also adds the ability to coallese multiple iPhoto Libraries into one site, full compatibility with iPhoto 2-5 (including keywords, all image formats, etc), as well as additional translations (Spanish and Dutch) and countless bug fixes. myPhoto is free and requires Mac OS X and iPhoto 2 (or greater). Check out the web site and the online demo photo album for more details.

read more (318 words) 12 comments
Most Recent Post: 10/25 03:54AM

Sync Buddy 2.0.1
Mar 17, 2005 08:13AM
Contributed by: fpillet
Download: 4.3Mb Disk Image

Sync Buddy is a backup, install and photo management tool for Mac OS X users with Palm OS handhelds. Providing worry-free backups, installs and pictures management, Sync Buddy lets you reclaim control of your handheld. It complements the standard synchronization by giving you direct access to your handheld's contents.

read more (431 words) 9 comments
Most Recent Post: 10/18 09:25AM

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